Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Steamboat Springs

There have been a handful of students from my time teaching high school that I have stayed in touch with.  (Facebook has been particularly helpful in making that happen!)  Every so often I'll hear from one of my old students and I've always loved that.  Earlier this summer I got a message on Facebook from Chris, someone I had taught back before BB#1 was even born.  She messaged me because she was investigating the church and wanted to talk to me about it all. 

We had some great phone conversation and even met for dinner when she and her husband came to town.  It was good for me to be able to articulate why the gospel means so very much to me and why I believe that following the path outlined by the church leads to true happiness.  A little later she told me she had decided to get baptized and asked if I would speak at her baptism.  SO great! 

We decided to go with the whole family up to Steamboat (where she lives) and make a long weekend of it. 

We spend some good time with Chris and her family on Sunday (at her friends gorgeous restored barn/home) then on Monday we hiked Fish Creek Falls. 

It was a longer, steep hike, but it was stunning the entire way - lots of little waterfalls along the way and big waterfalls at both the beginning and end of the hike. 
A great weekend in the Colorado mountains!


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