Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of First Grade (and Middle School)

The first day of first grade!!!  The Caboose was SO excited to be such a big kid and go to school all day.
Walking to school with his big brother on the first day.
The Caboose's teacher this year is new to the school and young - which makes me a bit nervous.  However, his best buddy was put in the same class - which makes me feel a LOT better.
The big eight grader!  Since two of his best friends moved over the summer, it will be an interesting year for this kid. 
Big Boy #2 is entering sixth grade this year and was pretty bummed out when his none of his good friends were put in the same 'team' as him.  The good news?  His friends from the old neighborhood (who also moved to our current town, and although they attended a different elementary school are zoned to the same middle school) ended up switching teams and was placed with BB#2.  For the first time since kindergarten, BB#2 and his friend are in the same class.  How cool is that?
Two middle schoolers!