Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's not too often that my name appears on the same program as an APOSTLE!!!

February 21, 2010

Presiding: Elder L. Tom Perry / The Quorum of Twelve

Attending: Elder Donald L. Hallstrom / The Presidency of the Seventy

Elder Randy D. Funk / Of the Seventy

Conducting: Bishop C. Larsen

Organist: K. Condie
Chorister: D. Smurthwaite

Opening Hymn: # 219 Because I Have Been Given Much

Invocation: Brother D. Crawford

Ward Business:

Sacrament Hymn: # 194 There is a Green Hill Far Away


Speaker: Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

Speaker: Elder L. Tom Perry

Closing Hymn: # 249 Called to Serve

Benediction: Sister Ganelle Smith
Elder L. Tom Perry came to our ward last Sunday - for what appears to be no particular reason. It was great! He discussed the basics of the gospel - love that. I thought the coolest part was when he called up one little boy and spoke to him individually. There is something powerful about hearing an apostle bear his testimony to a child.

Oh, and I totally snaked a handshake from him at the end.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Last time I did THIS, was fourteen years ago...

It's not that Diamond has lost his job, or that I'm feeling particularly anxious to get back in the work force, but when the PERFECT JOB becomes available, how do you not put your hat in the ring?

A community college near us is looking for a part-time sociology instructor.

Oh, how I LOVE to teach sociology! When I quit teaching high school to be at home with the boys, walking away from soc. was probably the hardest part. Hands down, it's my favorite thing to teach - so interesting, so applicable, so easy to get the kids thinking in new ways. And part-time??? Perfect! Plus, the thought of teaching college is waaaay cool!

Nonetheless, it's been great exercise just to work on my resume. And thinking about teaching again? Well, that just makes me happy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Counting the Ways

Elizabeth Barret Browning famously wrote "How do I love thee, Let me count the ways..."

I figured it might be worth turning that around a smidge:
How do I know he (Diamond) loves me? Let me count the ways...

*He calls me from work just see how I'm doing.
*He lets me warm my freezing toes on his toasty feet.
*He understands my need for a break, and is willing to go on "Adventures" with the family.
*He shovels all the deep snow.
*He listens to me when I need to vent or cry -
even when it's 12:30am, and he has to wake up in less than five hours.
*He takes me along on his business trips.
*He doesn't complain about how busy I get with Relief Society.
*He goes to work, so I don't have to.
*He sets a great example for our boys.
*He cuts coupons, then uses that extra money to take me to faraway places.
*He is trustworthy.
*He lets me pick the restaurant.
*He has always supported me in reaching my personal goals.
*He manages the kids so I can sleep in on Saturday mornings.
*He always seems to know when I need a hug, a pat on the back, or an "attagirl".
*He promised me forever.

Sometimes I just can't believe how lucky I am.
Happy Valentine's Day Diamond.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

Behold our "Warm Fuzzy Jar!" The way it worked was this: Every time the boys did a kind deed for another person they put a "warm fuzzy" pom pom into this vase. We promised them a celebration once the jar was filled to the top. (We aren't all that original, I heard about this idea at church. You can find it here.)

With food barely spicy enough to be called Mexican, and the best decor 1974 had to offer we celebrated at Denver's famous Casa Bonita. (Seriously, Velveeta has NO place in ANY restaurant!)

But it's amazing what a bunch of fake palm trees and an indoor waterfall can do for three kids.

Throw in a pinata, a puppet show, and a guy dressed in an ape suit, and VIOLA! a great warm fuzzy celebration!

So despite the chips that tasted like cardboard (how do they manage to get CHIPS so wrong???) It really was a fun night!