Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Eagle!

My Eagle Scout!
I had to write a letter of reference for BB#1's Eagle.  Here is my letter:  As Big Boy #1 and I climbed up out of Castlewood Canyon fulfilling the last requirement of his last merit badge we passed a group of young Cub Scouts on their way in.  Looking at those young boys, their small bodies buzzing with energy, holding fast to the hands of their parents and leaders contrasted so completely with my fourteen year old son, full of confidence and smooth in his steps.  It didn’t seem like so very long ago that BB#1 was that little Cub Scout.  That little boy had been replaced by a young man who has become a determined and organized leader.
Watching BB#1 work through his Eagle Project, I was amazed at how he has evolved into such a capable leader.  I give due credit to the phenomenal Scout leaders who taught my boy how to lead.  Sean M. used to call BB#1 to discuss what he needed to do for an upcoming activity.  Although it probably would have been easier to just do it himself, Sean would take the time to explain to my son why and how something needed to be done.  That time invested in BB#1 came to fruition when I saw him organize and plan for both his fund raiser and actual eagle project.  Craig H. has been another critical force in BB#1's life.  I spent more than one evening sitting on Craig’s couch listening as he walked Trevor through the practical steps and situations that Trevor needed to address.  Again, that time invested in him resurfaced as BB#1 worked through the practicalities and logistical concerns of organizing a group of people to complete a task.  The efforts of dedicated leaders created another generation of a leader.  I am so very grateful to those dedicated leaders for how they mentored my son!
Big Boy #1 with Rich (Scout Committee Chair), Craig H. (Scout Master) and Sean M. (Assistant Scout Master):
 Taking the Scout Oath:

BB#1 is a determined self starter who focuses on long-term goals.  The same skills he used to plan and organize his eagle project apply to his efforts in school.  After school BB#1 does an amazing job of getting right to homework.  He studies and plans for upcoming papers and tests and organizes his schedule so that he will be able to accomplish the myriad of demands placed on him.  Even at a young age, BB#1 was able to postpone the immediate rewards for a greater longer-term benefit.  When he was in preschool his teachers gave all the students a little gift on the last day of class before Winter Break.  BB#1 thought it would be more exciting to wait to open his gift until Christmas day.  Although I told him that he was welcomed to open it right away, his determination was strong and he waited until it was Christmas day to open his gift.  That kind of determination and self-control continues to define BB#1.  He set a goal to have his Eagle by the time he was fourteen and he planned and accomplished that noble goal.
Diamond and BB#1, presenting him with a plaque from his Grandma & Grandpa.

Big Boy #1 presented his Grandpa with the Mentor pin.  It was certainly earned - my dad was there helping BB#1 with nearly every aspect of his Eagle project.  Thanks dad for everything you did for my boys!
Seeing those little Cub Scouts at the beginning of the trail poignantly illustrated the tremendous growth that BB#1 has enjoyed in his time in the scouting program.  I am proud of the determined, focused leader he has become.  After spending all morning backpacking just me and my son I could not have been more proud.  He is becoming an amazing person, and I consider myself lucky to be able to be able to witness that journey. 

 The Presentation of the Eagle
 The Eagles Nest:  All those in attendance who had earned their Eagle Scouts. 
 Here I am being presented with my Mother's Pin.  Diamond did more than his share getting the BB#1 up to Life, but I do believe I have earned the Mother's Pin for my role in helping him get to Eagle.
For refreshments?  Donuts of course!  We also set up a tent, complete with camp chairs and a 'fire pit' for the ceremony.
BB#1's favorite part?  Steve H. (the current Scout Master) requested an American flag be hung over the US Capital building in his honor.  Super cool.  So proud of you!