Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Rain

What's a group of boys to do when there is a summer rain storm, but strip down and head outside!
 The boys had a blast!  When hail briefly formed, the boys had a contest to see who could stand out in the hail the longest.  (Big Boy #2 wanted me to say that he won).
Then there were the leaf races.  As the run off flowed through the gutters, the boys raced their leaves or sticks.  Big Boy #2 names his leaf Missy Franklin.  (Clearly this particular storm was during the Olympics).
 Check out the abs on this kid!
Ahh, summertime!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scout Camp 2012

Big Boy #1 went to Scout Camp again this year.  

His favorite part of this year's camp was the labyrinth of rocks that he climbed through, leapt over and explored. 

He was the Senior Patrol Leader this year and commented "It's hard work trying to get people to do stuff!"  (Yeah, try being a parent!)

BB#1 outside his tent.

Diamond spent a couple of nights up with BB#1.  Here is Diamond with BB#1's Scout Master.

The rest of the family went up for Family Night the last night.  It was fun to watch the skits and hear all about the week.