Monday, September 8, 2008

Left to Tell is a powerful book about the Rwandan genocide of 1994. As a former Geography teacher, who taught a unit on modern day genocides, I found the book fascinating. While the book does not spare the reader from the horror of what happen that fateful summer, it maintains a message of hope. Similar to The Hiding Place, Left to Tell relates the deeply spiritual journey of one of its victims. Left to Tell relays both the best and the worst of human nature. I'm equally mystified by the viciousness of the killers as the peace and love Immacule was able to find.

I also just finished I Need Chocolate with that Diagnsis written by my friend Sara Johnson. The title alone makes me love her! This book tells of Sara's journey of faith and hope as she fought her infertility. I have to admit that I felt a tad guilty as I read this book. It was like I was reading her diary! When I have read memoirs in the past, I didn't know the person, and there was a measure of distance in that. In this book, I was finding out ALL about my friend. If I ever get around to writing a book about my life, I'm not so sure I want anyone to read it. Hmm, well, maybe I'll just skip writing that book altogether.

Next? Maybe These Is My Words??? Has anyone read that?


FOX said...

Ganelle, I wish I had been blogging with you last year because one of the "outspoken" survivors of the Rwanda Genocide came and talked at BYU!!!

It was amazing! He was amazing, and in fact if I remembered his name, you would probably recognize it!!!

I will watch for history things here and "hook" you up!!!

YouHaveHowMany? said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE These is my words. Don't let the beginning (lack of grammar skills) throw you off. It gets better. Enjoy it!

Randi said...

I've never read any of those, but I'm so glad for the recommendations. I have a hard time finding books these days!
Let us know about These is My Words.

Mom of Three said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I need a good book.