Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Adventure

Big Boy #1: "Where are we going?"
Me: "Wherever the day takes us!"
Big Boy #1: "I hope the day takes us to a Rockies game!"

While spontaneity is difficult when you are dealing with a family of five, we mananged to completely surprise the boys with an overnight visit to Laramie. And while Laramie might not be at the top of any normal person's list for a getaway, it's amazing how much fun you can accomplish when the boys were expecting to spend their day hanging out and doing homework.
We picked them up early from school and got all the way to the parking lot of the hotel in Laramie with nothing more than "We're going on an adventure!" Along the way we found the coolest park in Fort Collins, ran 100 yards down the field at the University of Wyoming and ate a lot of "Adventure Food" (Twizzlers, Bugles and M&Ms. Really - what kind of epic journey would it have been without those staples?)
Big Boy #2: "Nothing's better than spending time with your family!"

It's AMAZING the crazy things kids will say when you let them skip school and then get them good and sugared up! (And BTW, I couldn't agree more...)


Martha said...

As a graduate of that fine school, I"m still perplexed by why you'd pick Laramie?

If just for the fun of it all, you and I need to seem to be taking this idea of finding joy in the little things a bit to the extreme!!!!

Mom of Three said...

Sounds like that was a very worth while "skippin'" day! I'm glad that you had fun together.

tz said...

I'm all for skippin a day or two for a fun adventure...and what a nice memory for the kiddos

our staple road trip adventure food is 'funyons'

sounds like a fun time! and spending time with the family is a commidity in this fast paced world.

ganelle said...

Diamond had a business trip in Laramie. We didn't just pick a random place on the map. With the company picking up the tab fir gas and hotel, it made for a cheap and easy getaway.

Yeah, I wouldn't have just picked Laramie out the air. No offense.

Dodi said...

Big Boy #2: "Nothing's better than spending time with your family!"

So young... and yet he already has it all figured out. I love that!

Martha said...

Oh goodness, glad to hear that "free ride" had something to do with why you'd pick Laramie...because well, otherwise, I"d be worried about you!!!! Free makes it a fantastic destination!

Lorie said...

Wow! Laramie.... where all your dreams come true. I hear they have a free hot springs somewhere around there. Did you make that?

Vern said...

sugared up? skipping school? what has gotten into you?

Garity said...

Ganelle, love the blog name. I still remember standing in your kitchen as you announced that you yourself ate chocolate chip cookies for lunch on a regular basis. I remember thinking "and you look like that?...B#&@*!

Danae said...

I googled you today and you would be happy to know that this site is the first thing that came up! I am so happy to see you have a blog so I can keep up on your wonderful family.