Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blizzard Business

It started snowing two days ago.

The last official total I heard was 23 inches, and it is STILL snowing. (Our fence is 6 foot tall.)

The boys haven't had school for two days, and it's not looking good for tomorrow either. (We were supposed to bring in a treat for BB#1's birthday this week. Good luck trying to figure out WHEN exactly I should make those pudding & Oreo graveyards, so they don't get too soggy!)

On the plus side, we have a lovely snow cave in the front yard!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tooth Fairy's Going Broke - Part II

Big Boy #2 left this under his pillow the other night. This the second note of its kind. The last note simply asked for "more money." Since it worked last time, he figured he'd try again.

"I'm trying to get her up to $100.00"

Yeah, I'm thinking not so much. Those teeth don't exactly turn to gold when the Tooth Fairy picks them up!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Tooth Fairy's Going to Go Broke at Our House!

The Tooth Fairy will be busy tonight.

Poor Big Boy #1. The orthodontist recommended that he have two baby teeth pulled to create room for some permanent teeth that were coming in. Today was the day and (with the help of some laughing gas,) BB#1 bravely endured having his two teeth extracted.

He's been feeling kinda crummy all day - but is looking forward the the Tooth Fairy's arrival tonight.

--- Cut to Big Boy #2 ---

His top front tooth has been loose for some time now. But in the name of "If BB#1's doing it (whatever IT is,) I want in!" spent the better part of a half-hour in the bathroom wiggling, prying and pulling on his loose tooth until he emerged with a brand new smile:

Of course there is a financial element to all this. BB#1 is hoping for extra money since the teeth had to be pulled, and BB#2 was overheard saying: "I wonder if I can save this tooth for when I'm poor, then I'll just put in under my pillow and *BAM* I'll have some money!"

Although #2 was proud of his missing tooth, he also said that he didn't feel so great. That it hurt to pull out that tooth. A lot. And that his knees were shaking from what he had done.

SERIOUSLY??? WHY did you pull out your tooth then???

I am starting to wonder if he might literally jump off a bridge, just 'cause BB#1 did. Oh wait. Yeah. He did that. Last summer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Loveland Adventure

As per my last post, I have been feeling a bit burned out lately. When I get to feeling that way, it seems that there is only one sure-fire remedy: leave town. The good news is that I don't have to go far, and I don't have to go for long, as long as I GO!

Between my grumpiness, Canada's Thanksgiving holiday (love it!) and Fall Break, we decided to take the boys on an "Adventure." Our family Adventures have just three required ingredients: (1) just the five of us (2) a hotel with a pool, and (3) cell phones *off*.

We started our latest Adventure by taking the boys bowling then out for doughnuts.

Next we drove up to Loveland. As with other Adventures, we pick a place and then see what's there.

A big part of any Adventure is that Diamond and I see how long we can go before the boys figure out we are staying at a hotel. Our first Adventure completely shocked them. But on our second getaway, the boys spotted a small suitcase in the back of the Pilot 20 minutes from the house. In an effort to outfox them I stuffed swimsuits under the seats and hid the toiletries in the glove compartment. It paid off - we got all the way inside the hotel before they figured out that we were staying the night (we told the boys were just there to 'ask directions').

We drank lots of hot chocolate, swam a ton, and played some games. There is something amazing that happens when we take these Adventures. It's like being in our own little cocoon.

The math goes something like this:
1 hotel in Loveland + just the 5 of us + cell phones *off* = Recharged batteries

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Christmas in October

Last Christmas kicked my butt.

I have couple theories about why, but last December, while everyone else was playing Christmas carols, I was listening to a melancholy Paul Simon croon about being "weary to my bones." Normally I love getting out the decorations, but last year it felt like so much like, well, work. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, but last year I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and just plain sad.

I've never been quite like that before.

So this year I'm trying to pre-empt some of that misery. I've decided to get way ahead of my Christmas duties. I've already finished making my "little" gifts. I've put together my church Christmas lesson, am in the process of organizing my ward's holiday charity drive, and am almost done with my Christmas cards. (Envelopes are even stamped and addressed!) Yeah me!

Only problem? I'm feeling grumpy! I'm moody, worn-out, and listening to Paul Simon again. Did I spread out all that weariness, making it last longer, or did I just move that Christmas stress to October? If December turns out OK then fine, I'd rather feel like this now than at the holidays, but if I've just spread it out??? Kill me now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sometime this summer five pounds randomly showed up. I figured it would fall off as randomly as it appeared. I was wrong.

Now I'm trying to decided if I should grow fat gracefully or fight.

On the one hand, 37 seems a bit young to give up. On the other hand is chocolate, bread, and Chipotle.

It's a toughie.