Sunday, June 29, 2008


Big Boy #2: "Who's babysitting us?"
Me: "Daddy. But it's not called babysitting, it's called parenting."
BB2: "It's called slavery right? 'Cuz you don't get paid."

Hmm. He has a point...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Tale of Two Men

I met Diamond in September of 1992 and our first date was that December. We went country dancing and although we weren't very good, we had a fun time and started getting serious pretty quickly after that. I was ready for him to propose by spring of '93, but he wanted to wait. See, there was sorta another man in my life.

I say "sorta" because that other man was in Europe serving a mission for our church. While we had dated seriously my freshman year at BYU, the extent of our contact for the previous year and a half consisted of nothing more than letters. But he was due home that summer. I was ready to move forward with Diamond, but he wanted me to be absolutely sure I was making the right choice. Diamond didn't want me to realize that I really loved the other guy after getting engaged to him.

So Diamond made me wait until the Missionary came home.

In July the Missionary showed up on my doorstep (as Mormon missionaries are prone to do.) Diamond was working that summer in Idaho while I was taking summer classes. There was no Diamond anywhere within 500 miles and my old boyfriend was standing at the door. Looking really cute.

To be honest, I hadn't expected to feel anything for the Missionary. I was so in love with Diamond that it never occurred to me that I would even be capable of feeling anything for him. (Did I mention the really cute part?)

The next night the Missionary was still in town and we were hanging out at my apartment when Diamond called. I talked with him for a bit, but then told him that the Missionary was there and I was being rude. I asked Diamond to call me the next night. When I went back inside, the Missionary proceeded to tell me that he still loved me. Then he tried to kiss me. I freaked out and started crying. It was so much more complicated then I had anticipated.

Later that same night I was lamenting to my friend about the situation. She asked me if I knew if I wanted to marry Diamond or not. Diamond is a good man with a great work ethic. He is kind, devoted and so funny. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of forever with him. Without a doubt. Then she asked "Then what are you doing?" Hmm. Good question.

So I sat the Missionary down and told him that while I was curious about what might happen if we were to get serious again, I knew I was supposed to be with Diamond. Really, what more was there to say?

The next afternoon I called Diamond parents in Idaho. I asked if it would be OK for me to drive up and surprise him. "He's a wreck." Diamond's dad told me. "Get on the next plane. I'll pay for the ticket." I was on my way to the airport an hour later.

Meanwhile, Diamond was trying to call me and I wasn't there to answer my phone. (Remember the days before cell phones?) He was convinced that I was off with the Missionary and would be dumping him before the weekend was over.

So when I walked into his room a few hours later, he was beyond surprised. We both started crying and were looking at diamond rings the next day. We were engaged by August and married the next spring.

(Photo taken right after Diamond proposed - 8/26/93)

Why do I tell this story now? I happened upon the blog of that Missionary just the other day. I've been visiting the site and having tremendous amounts of fun learning about him and his family. He's done really well. He seems to be very successful and appears to be the fun, creative guy I cared about so many years ago.

With all the new information I've been privy to lately, I've been thinking a lot about that pivotal week in my life. I was lucky enough to have two really great guys who wanted to be with me. As I look back, I absolutely and with complete certainty, know that I made the right choice. I love my husband with all of my heart. I love my children. I love my life.

If time travel could bring me back to that week, I wouldn't think twice about getting on that plane again to go see Diamond. I would choose him again and again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Special Day

Every year for their birthdays Nanna and Grandpa Green take the boys out for a "Special Day." A special day is basically a day in which the boys get anything they want from the time they get picked up in the morning until they are returned to us (exhausted and on a sugar-high) late that night.

It's formalized spoiling.

Big Boy #2 is turning 7 this week and was able to have his Special Day on Saturday. He had been planning it for months. He started out with a breakfast of chocolate chips pancakes at Nanna and Grandpa's house.

Of course there was a game of baseball on the wii. (BB#2 won.)
Then off to the bowling alley. (Granpa won.)

Next there was a round of miniature golf. (Nanna won that.)

Then home to make clay bowl in Nanna's kiln and dinner at Red Robbin - complete with singing waiters and ice-cream.

The thing that I find so interesting about these Special Day's is that there usually isn't anything SO outrageously amazing about them. Our family goes bowling on occasion, and certainly playing the wii and eating out are a regular part of our lives. Often the boys will opt to just play games with Nanna and Grandpa or go swimming at the neighborhood pool. So why are Special Days so special?

Coming from a family of three active boys individual time is hard to come by. And even when we have those moments - well, they are moments. Being the focus of attention for an entire day is pretty amazing. Having the full attention of two doting grandparents is enough to make any little boy feel like they are, well, special.

Friday, June 20, 2008

School's Out

Today was the last day of school and Big Boy #2's teacher sent out a picture of his class. BUT WAIT! Who is that kid who seems to ooze attitude?

Take a closer look. Yup! That would be MY kid! Here's how his first grade teacher described him on his report card:

"Exuberant is a great word for him! No matter what the topic or exercise is - he is exuberant about 'it'. "

This picture sure seems to prove her point.

BB#2 really had a great year. He found some fabulous friends, showed tremendous growth academically, and LOVED school. Absolute success!

However, this year was not as kind to BB#1. He did make some good friends, but had little academic growth (almost a wasted year - grrrr!) Third grade was hard. I'm not sure if it was the move, or the teacher, or the combination, but I'm just glad it's over! On a more positive note, he did FINALLY earned the "Principal's Excellence Award." At least he was able to end feeling good about that.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Tonight we enjoyed an evening of Colorado baseball. The weather was perfect, the boys were well behaved (I swear it!) and Grandpa Green was able to join us. We even saw Mrs. Kravitz's family on the jumbo tron. Other than the creepy, black, military helicopters that kept flying over the stadium (prepping for the upcoming DNC convention) and miserable traffic on the way up, it was a FABULOUS night.

While we all love to take in a ball game, I've decided our reasons are radically different.

Reasons we love to go see the Rockies:

Diamond: Watching the game and a fun evening with the boys
Me: Sitting outside on a beautiful evening and watching the boys get all excited
BB#1: Watching the game and the free stuff they give away (tonight was a replica of the 2007 League Championship trophy)
BB#2: Ice-cream and the Seventh Inning Stretch
The Caboose: Dinger (the Rockie's mascot) and seats and flip up and down

I once heard a bit of advice that went something like this: develop family pastimes and traditions that will bring your children together, even as they become teenagers and adults. So, even though the Rockies lost (7-1 Braves) we, as a family, won. (Way too cheesy?? Oh well...)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I certainly don't consider myself to be sappy, but I'm also usually up for a good poem. So, when Big Boy #2 came home from school with this:

I thought: "How nice! My little guy is warming to the finer things of life."

Then I read the poems.

There were the food poems; dedicated to apples, cookies, ice-cream, and bubble gum.
There were the action poems; all about swimming, the park and sports.
Then there were some that simply spoke to his heart. Here's one:

mud, mud, mud
splashing here and splashing there
splashing everywhere

Hmmm, maybe the "finer things of life" will have to wait...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Several years ago Diamond got me a pedicure for Christmas. There was a salon on the main floor of his office building that was offering a deal and he thought I would enjoy it. Normally he would be right.

Only problem was that it turned out to be awful! The woman working on me sat me in a folding chair, put my feet in a portable foot bath (the kind you get at WalMart) and proceed to insult me the entire time. She criticized my hair, my feet, and my clothes. I gave her a $5 tip and haven't had a pedicure since.

Until Monday. Diamond's brother brought his family for a visit and my nieces really wanted a girl's day - complete with pedicures for everyone. So, I straightened my shoulders and went with them.

It was FABULOUS!!!

The chair gave me a massage, my nieces were delightful company and get this - no one insulted me! (Maybe it helped they didn't speak English so well?)

Once my thoroughly enjoyable pedicure was over, the women who was working with me walked me over to the drying stand and rubbed my shoulders while my toes dried. It was like mint at the end of a delicious meal.

Afterwards we all went out to lunch. Pure Girl Nirvana.

How in the world I allowed one grumpy nail lady to rob me of days like this is beyond me. I'm just glad that my adorable nieces managed to get me back in the massage chair again!

Here are some other pictures of their stay:

The Caboose totally fell in LOVE with our niece. He always wanted her, and he ONLY wanted her. It was really cute - until he started calling her Mom.

We also were able to celebrate my birthday together. It was such a fun weekend with family!


Back in March, Big Boy #1 participated in the Pine Wood Derby. It wasn't pretty. A computer glitch forced his car to heat with the same four cars each time. Our car came in last each time and finished poorly overall. BB1 cried the whole way home. It was downright painful!

When our Scout leader announced we would be doing a Raingutter Regatta, (the Pine Wood Derby of boats) I was less than thrilled - yet also totally committed to making sure that my kid wouldn't leave the race crying. Consider it emotional blackmail.

My mom researched online how to make a speedy boat. My dad created the catamaran out of the standard boat kit, and Diamond made a sail from a plastic cup. We just wanted to make a decent showing.

BB1's boat started out strong. Before long the other kids were chanting his name while he raced. He said "I like having fans!" (Good to know he's staying humble.) He made it to the Final Race!!! And then...

for the championship...