Saturday, October 29, 2011

'Cuz We're Classy Like That

The pace of rides and attractions at Disneyland can be hectic to say the least, and when the Caboose told me he needed to use the bathroom, while in a line, I asked him if there was any way he could just wait a bit. "Sure mom." Great, right?

But I totally forgot that he needed a restroom break before we got in the Grizzly River Run line at California Adventure.

"Mom, I need to use the bathroom."
"Umm, shoot! Any chance you could manage to wait just a bit longer?"
"Sure mom."

So, as we near the front of the line, Big Boy #1 suddenly informed me that the Caboose had just peed off the side of the walkway, (trying to get it into the little river of the ride) WHILE IN LINE!!! WHAT?!?

I quickly scan the crowd to see if anyone noticed. Phew! All's clear.

Of course I had a talk with the Caboose about how totally inappropriate it was to pee in line, but I also acknowledged that I should have gotten him to a bathroom earlier. I made him promise to never do that again.

All good?

As we are about to load into the raft for the ride, one of the workers pulls me aside and said "Ma'am, if your son needs to use the bathroom, we can help you. I mean... That was really just..."

When the kids wanted another go round on the ride, I told them there was NO way I was going back. I had humiliated myself enough for one day.

After this little gem, I'm halfway to red neck! ARGH!

Hunington Beach

After two full days at the park, we were ready for a slower day.

And some quality time with the Pacific Ocean fit the bill.

It was a bit chilly, and I spent my time sitting on a towel reading. Sigh!

Why don't I live in California???


Over fall break we took the family to Disneyland. SO! MUCH! FUN!

Everything is cuter with mouse ears!

The Classics: Peter Pan

The Tea Cups:

Thunder Mountain:

Astro Orbitor:
I see Disneyland is working its magic on Diamond!

Splash Mountain: (We did this one three times in a row!)

On the ferris wheel at California Adventure

My personal favorite: Soarin'

A family favorite was the Buzz Lightyear ride where you shot at the targets and build up points:

At the parade: Love it!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Catching Characters

When we were planning out trip to Disneyland, I had no idea how much the Caboose (and Big Boy #2) would be into getting autographs from the characters. Big Boy #1, not so much.

The king of Disneyland!

The Caboose was SO into it. For him, these characters were the REAL DEAL! It would be like letting me hang out with Bono, Will Smith and Oprah. How cool would that be? For the Caboose, it meant Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.

We had been advised by a few different friends to try out the Disney Character Dining. It was certainly the most expensive macaroni and cheese we've ever eaten, but the kids really did love the time and attention of so many different characters.

The boys at Goofy's kitchen:

There were all kinds of characters there, including Minnie Mouse:

Minnie reacting to a kiss on the nose from Big Boy #1. Love his reaction!

And here we have Fairy Godmother working her magic to turn Big Boy #1 into a prince!

We found Dale, but no Chip:

Of course not all the characters were from the dinner. We happened across Mary Poppins and Bert while walking around Main Street. We had a great conversation about BB#2 being a wizard and kite flying.

We found Woody by Big Thunder Mountain. I could tell Woody was flattered when I told him that he is my favorite. Giddy up!

The Caboose was adamant about waiting to meet Rapunzel. I mean, this was RAPUNZEL, from the movie Tangled. And here she was IN REAL LIFE! (Not surprisingly, the Big Boys were not about to wait in line and opted to go on a ride instead.)

Then we meet Snow White as well. Ever since our trip to Disneyland, the Caboose has been on a bit of a princess kick. He's been asking for Tangled things for Christmas and reading princess books. It's all been very amusing.

Diamond put Big Boy #1 up to offering Snow White an apple. She was most gracious (as Snow White is bound to be) as she explained that "I don't take apples from strangers anymore!" So funny!


If I was going by myself, I doubt I would have opted to wait in line to meet the characters from Winnie the Pooh.

But when you see the look on this kid's face. Ooh! He is so delicous to me!

Even though it's blurry, this is my very favorite picture of all. Love that Tigger!