Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bolder Boulder

The race that offers bacon at mile two and cupcakes at mile four! And I ate them both!
I still hate every single step I take on the treadmill, but I can't seem to find a better way to burn calories and strengthen muscle tone.  So I continue to trudge my way through a few miles three times a week on the treadmill.  Knowing that I had been running (and doing some running himself) Diamond suggested that we run the Bolder Boulder this year.  It's a 10K with a reputation of being one of the most fun races in the US.  If you run and you live in Colorado, ya kinda have to run the Bolder Boulder- at least once. 
 I was hesitant.  I was running three miles regularly, but six?  That seemed pretty daunting.  Plus I run in the gym, not outside.  I started trying to lengthen my runs at the gym adding five minutes, then another five minutes, etc.  I eventually did get up to running six miles (although I was still stopping to walk just a little bit).  I tried running outside and couldn't seem to pace myself at all, so I gave up with outdoor running and went back to the treadmill.  I was really nervous about how I would do a 10K.
 The first two miles were great - I felt good and since I was running with Diamond, he was able to keep me at a decent pace.  But then we hit the first hill, I slowed to a walk and realized that I would probably not have the best time.  I told Diamond to go ahead, he took the hill, did great - met his goal and had a strong finish.  Me?  At that hill I decided I was here to have fun, not get a good time. 

I decided I would do every fun thing available along the course.  I ate bacon, watermelon, cotton candy, Doritos, and a cupcake - although really only a bite of each.  I opted to stop for the guy holding a "Free Hugs" sign and zigzagged along the road hitting each and every sprinkler.  (Although I decided against the Slip N Slide - the line was really long). 

To be honest I was disappointed by my performance.  I had run six miles in sixty minutes at the gym a few times and was hoping to get the race done in close to an hour.  I came in at 1:11 - much slower than I wanted.  I also walked a ton more than I had been doing at the gym.  Oh well.  I finished - and I do feel like I took full advantage of everything that Bolder Boulder has to offer.  Diamond's already talking about doing it again next year.  I'm thinking, "Have fun Babe."