Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Amazing!

Big Boy #1 is officially a teenager. He is wearing a size 12 shoe and is taller than most adult women. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we had an Amazing Race party.

The Race began as teams unscrambled certain words that described BB#1. Once they correctly did that, they were given their next clue which lead them to JAPAN where teams choose between two tasks: Hard to Find and Hard to Swallow. In Hard to Find teams looked for one of four eggs that contained their next clue.

Hard to Swallow involved eating a piece of sushi. (Two teams picked Find, two teams picked Swallow.)

SWEDEN: Teams put 15 pictures of BB#1 in chronological order. (Pictures spanned his life, from an ultrasound picture to a shot of him at Scout Camp this summer - and everything in between.) Clearly BB#1's team had an advantage here, but really, it stumped even him.

Each team was given a map which directed them to the various countries - various parks and open spaces near our neighborhood - and even a friend's home. They moved around the area quite a bit, but things were close enough that they could often run between "countries".

AUSTRIA: BB#1 collects Pez dispensers (that originated in Austria) the teams were given a picture of a groups of pez dispensers. After studying the picture for 30 seconds they had to then put the Pez in the correct order.

MEXICO: They had to count the number of black beans in each jar - and get it exactly right. Most teams had to count at least a couple times to get the precise number (around 250).

INDIA: This challenged really threw them. Eating sushi was fine, but baby food??? Apparently not! (It was only squash!) It really slowed some teams down.

USA: The final challenge was find the one and only penny minted in 1998, the year Big Boy #1 was born. Once they found the penny they had to sing "Happy Birthday" as loud as they could while standing in the front yard.

Teams also selected one player who then was challenged to make five baskets in a row, they were asked trivia questions about BB#1, run the circumference of a park and determined where the next country was based on vague clues. The party was a ton of work, but it was fun and the kids had a great time.

Of all of his birthday presents, his new cell phone was his favorite. We struggled to figure out the best timing for entering into the world of cell phones. We didn't want to get him a phone too soon, (some kids in the area get their own phones in third grade!) but we didn't want him to be the last kid to get one either. Thirteen seemed to be a good age.

And he couldn't be more thrilled! Frankly, it's been really convenient for me to be able to text back and forth.

Happy Birthday big guy! We love you!

The Other Side of the Mountains

Just a few days before Thanksgiving and Diamond found NO storms forecasted between Colorado and Utah. We wanted to go last year, but the weather kept us home, so this year we made a game time decision and headed out to be with the Smith's for Thanksgiving break. It's been too long since we celebrated Thanksgiving with Diamond's family!

While we were there, Diamond found us tickets to watch the BYU Women's Basketball game verses Wisconsin. The boys loved watching a game in the Marriot Center and with crowds a little thin, everyone got on the jumbo tron - even Diamond and I were on the "kiss cam". Fun!

They invited the kids in the crowd to come onto the court and do the chicken dance. BB#1 wasn't too thrilled about the dancing, but he couldn't turn down the chance to get on the court.

Doing the "Jimmer"!

BYU should really learn to lock their doors. We found our way into the BYU Football Team's practice field. The cousins were having a great time trying to move the blocking sleds.

Hut! Hut!

As we continued our BYU Sports Tour, we also finagled our way into LaVell Edwards Stadium. Again, boys were thrilled. (Later that night I did get in some MUCH needed girl time. Olive Garden with my sisters in law and my fabulous nieces helped give a smidgen of balance to this testosterone driven day!)

Diamond's brother Craig and his son, as well as Diamond's sister's girl (who is an Aggies fan - whaaa???) came with us.

But we did come to eat - and that we did! My wonderful sister in law Jill hosted the meal in her newly redesigned kitchen. She was a great sport considering we added five extra people to her guest list with only a few days notice. I love these ladies!

The cousins loading up some Thanksgiving deliciousness!

What is Thanksgiving without a football game? Well, this is the other side of a Thanksgiving backyard football game. The Caboose caught BB#2's elbow and ended up with this nasty looking black eye. Ouch!

After he stopped crying, the Caboose was thrilled that he looked like a Tulowitzki - Rockies baseball player, with that black paint under his eyes. He loved all the attention!

Later Thanksgiving night, Diamond and I went out searching for Black Friday (Thursday?) bargains. Seriously, these people were C-R-A-Z-Y!!! There were people pushing and screeching. VERY entertaining!

Ready to fight off the madness for a cheap crock pot and a wireless printer! After Walmart we headed to Target (successful) Kohls (sold out) and Best Buy (Oh my GOSH was that check out line long!) We got home after 2:00am, but had managed to gather a nice pile of savings.

All in all, it was a fabulous time with family. The drive was clear, the company excellent and the food delicious! So much to be thankful for!